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Community Resources for EC Families and Caregivers

Click here for a list of general community resources for families in need of support, which was assembled by Lindsay Bedford, SNAC Chair and Carlie Ewen, CHCCS Social Worker. Also included are links specific to supporting children with special needs through the pandemic. We are not endorsing any organization or business.

CHCCS Special Education Resources

Student Summary/Profile

As a new school year begins or if your child is attending a new summer program or after school program, it may be helpful for you to share important information about your child with teachers, teaching assistants, special teachers, cafeteria staff and counselors. The Sample Profiles are great to share with camp counselors as well if your child is attending summer camps. 

This Student Profile presentation can help you create your child's summary. 

Sample Student Profiles:

Special Education Resources

IDEA Standards Summarized

ECAC is a non-profit organization that provides information and resources to the families of children with disabilities in North Carolina.  They offer many services to parents and families at no charge including a lending library and parent to parent support.

The US Department of Education's website is a one-stop shop for resources related to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.  This site is a searchable website that has video clips, topic briefs and a Q & A Corner where you can submit questions.

The North Carolina Public Schools, Exceptional Children Division's website includes information for parent and educators about NC's special education processes, forms for IEP Teams, the Handbook on Parents' Rights, training opportunities and much more.

Disability Rights North Carolina is a non-profit organization that provides advocacy and legal services at no charge for people with disabilities across North Carolina. This site contains many resources designed to increase the ability of individuals with disabilities and their families to engage in self advocacy.

GiGi's Playhouse serves individuals with Down syndrome from infant to adult, their families and the community.

College resources for visually impaired students.

Local Support Agencies

First in Families of North Carolina (FIF) (can provide financial support for some needed supports)

Autism Resources

Autism Society of North Carolina provides advocacy, training and education and direct care services to individuals with autism, their families and professionals.

CHART connects families with the people, tools and services that will help them to support their loved one with autism or a sensory processing disorder. We share local resources and events taking place in Chapel Hill, NC and around the Triangle. We also address national news about autism and share our personal experiences and tips. Please join us on Facebook and Twitter for the most up-to-the-minute news.

Dyslexia Resources

Dyslexic Advantage: The Mission of Dyslexic Advantage is to promote the positive identity, community, and achievement of dyslexic people by focusing on their strengths. Website —  
DYSLEXIC ADVANTAGE The mission of Dyslexic Advantage is to promote the positive identity, community, and achievement of dyslexic people by focusing on their strengths.

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