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SNAC Workgroups

EC Secondary Transition: 

This collaborative group of staff and parents was tasked with researching models to improve transition services for our more significantly disabled population, the Adaptive Curriculum (AC) Students, and then, eventually to include the OCS Students. Co-chairs of this group: Adela van Name and Lisa Kaylie.

Next Steps for 2018/19 Academic Year:

  • Repopulating work group with new members to continue work to support ongoing EC transition efforts in the CHCCS school district. SNAC General Education group is interested in partnering with this endeavor.

  • Explore the opportunity to bring TEACCH’s T-Step* program into the next TRAC proposal for the 2018-19 school year. This would help complete the original TRAC mission to serve all EC HS students and to expand beyond serving only OCS and AC students.

*The TEACCH School Transition to Employment and Post Secondary Education Program (T-Step) was developed to support transition to employment and/or post secondary education settings for adolescents and your adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder who have received a standard course  of study high school diploma. 

 EC General Education/Curriculum:

The focus of this group is on EC students who are in general education/curriculum classes. The lead of this workgroup is Mary Berridge.

  • Mainstreamed students may not be getting as much direct instruction in their areas of disability

    • This is especially true in the middle and high schools, where students can't be pulled out of classes as easily as when they were in elementary school.  

    • Academically capable students have even lower rates of enrollment in post-secondary education and less favorable employment outcomes than peers with most other types of disabilities.

  • Our group has identified several areas of instruction that need reinforcement.These skills are especially important for successful transition to post-secondary education and/or employment.

    • social skills

    • executive functioning

    • independent living skills

    • emotional regulation and self-advocacy

Next Steps for 2018/19 Academic Year:

  • Work with the CHCCS transition team to expand TRAC (Transition Ready Agency Collaborative) transition support to all students and include the general education EC students.

  • Collaborate with the district on TEACCH T-STEP* program and other transition endeavors.

  • Other areas our work group has focused on and will be focusing on are: supporting inclusion, co-teaching, EC training for general education teachers and greater use of IEP snapshots (including for Specials teachers).

Adapted Curriculum (AC):

The goal is to improve communication between AC classrooms and parents, support ambitious academics, support teachers, be a resource for parents and encourage more school principal involvement. To bring consistency in basic checklist of supplies and curriculum to all AC classrooms. The lead of this workgroup is Marisa Kathard.


  • Meeting with EC leadership throughout the year to discuss areas needing improvement in the AC classrooms.

  • Meeting as AC workgroup and invited AC teachers to last 2 meetings and sharing minutes on an email listserve.

  • Parent support group: coffee on the 2nd Wednesday of the month for 3 years.

  • FB page: Parents of SL students in CHCCS

  • Provided student support in swimming and bowling programs.

Next Steps for 2018/19 Academic Year:

  • AC Teacher Retention: Support our teachers and teaching assistants

  • Literacy programs in AC classroom

Teacher & Staff Appreciation:

The goal is to develop and pilot recognition programs to help retain our teachers and staff. This group is led by April Lehrman.


  • Thank You Cards: Solicit appreciation from parents, staff or administrators

  • Spot Awards: Principals, EC Leaders and SNAC leaders will hand out prizes or little trophies when they hear or see something positive.

  • SNAColades: Award to honor CHCCS teachers, staff and administrators who, through their hard work and creativity, make our children's school experience more meaningful.

  • Annual EC district day meeting in August: SNAC provides breakfast, snacks and beverages, along with a goal of 100 gift cards to raffle off during the event. 450 attendees.

Next Steps for 2018/19 Academic year:
  • Develop and pilot programs

  • Plan staff welcome back for August 2019

These work groups will continue for the 2018/19 Academic year. If you are interested in participating in these working groups, please email for more info.